About Us

WAFFLESNCREAM is Nigeria’s first skateboarding company, serving as the very first hub for skate culture and extreme sports in the West African region. it was founded in 2012. 

Our aim is to grow the culture of skateboarding within Nigeria, by supporting youth who show talent and interest in the sport. Over the years developing an informal skating structure within the city of Lagos and cities in the West African region. Oftentimes documenting these sessions, meeting new skaters and growing our skate community along the way. 

Our flagship store – “Shop” – open its doors in 2017, served as a safe space for the Lagos underground scene, Nigerian youth of different backgrounds congregate - further nurturing this fast growing subculture. With that in mind, we launched the VIBES platform, a series of experiential events specifically targeted at showcasing the best DJ’s, artists and musicians buzzing within the scene.

With no initial access to funds at the very beginning of our journey, we organized an exhibition with the works of our friends and family within the art community in order to drive awareness and attention to the launch of our flagship location in VI. Following the success of the exhibition we kept the Friends and Family series going to serve as a platform bridging the gap between our friends in the skate community and our patrons in the art world. These two social entities have been significant catalysts in the growth and expansion of the WAFFLESNCREAM brand, allowing us to create bridges, strengthen alliances and amplify interest about skateboarding in Nigeria and skating culture as a whole. 

We recently released YASIS, a cross over skate edit directed by Mosako "Lowsso" Chalashika from Botswana, chronicling our summer 2019 skate tour across Accra. It’s 13 minutes of pure shredding bliss featuring the WAFFLESNCREAM skate crew from Lagos - Fahd Bello & Henry and Okwubuasi and Accra locals Adrys, Mantedent, Lionel McFirst, John Brobel, Yaw Adeiei and J. Ganyobi.

There are no designated spaces for skating in Lagos, so for the last 2 years we have been working tirelessly on changing that. In conjunction with the Lagos State Government, we will open West Africa’s first public skate park, with an aim of building more parks in other key cities around the West African region.