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waf. 10th Anniversary

waf. 10th Anniversary

As Nigeria’s foremost skate brand established in 2012, it was with upmost gratitude that we marked our 10th anniversary on April 3rd. It’s been an amazing journey filled with surreal opportunities and culture defining milestones.

Over the past decade, we’ve been opportuned to collaborate with brands such as Alara, Oscar Deen, Homecoming, Nolly Babes, Patta, Engineering Sports, renowned Nigerian artist, Jimi Solanke and more.

Over the years, we have spearheaded the growth of the skate culture in Nigeria by supporting young people who have the interest and talent for the sport. waf. as a skateboarding community, organized the first ever Go Skate Day — which is June 21st (a day dedicated to celebrating the sport across communities around the world) — in Nigeria in 2017 and has since then become an annual event that has only gotten better each year. The 2021 edition was its biggest as it spanned 10-days leading to the actual day. It included crews from all over Africa, a series of exciting events and a skateboarding contest with a grand prize.

In a bid to continuously encourage and grow the skate community, we decided to support the female skateboarders here. Inspired by Blessing Ewona, the first notable female Nigerian skateboarder and founder of all female skate crew, Dencity, we released the Ble-Ble Magazine. This project aimed at fostering inclusivity within the sport and empowering other female skaters.

A major highlight in this decade-long journey was facilitating the  of Henry Okwubuasi into being a professional skateboarder. Henry’s amazing work ethic and undeniable talent has since become a major inspiration to the youth beyond Lagos borders, hence why he had our full support and appreciation. In celebration of him being the first black Pro Skater in Nigeria, a skate video titled ‘GLORY’ was made to highlight his journey and wins in the community.

We have consistently hosted quarterly skate jams that encourage healthy competition and promote skate culture in Nigeria. Our VIBES platform, which usually goes hand in hand with our skate jams, is a series that was launched to showcase the best DJs and musicians within the scene, promoting Lagos’ underground scene — a congregate of Nigerian youths of different backgrounds that have helped nurture this subculture.

As there is no designated space for skating in Lagos, we are super excited to announce our Partnership with Freedom Park that aims to establish the WAF Skate Park. This first-of-its-kind project in Nigeria hopes to be an Avenue for youth development, cultural and cross-generational development.

We are forever grateful for the community that we have built and has helped us grow through the years. As said by our team’s Senior Creative Designer, Addy, in an interview with BSide Magazine by Bounce Networks, “Everyone sees waf. from the outside and it looks all fresh, fly and clean but there’s a whole lot going on behind the scenes. There have been numerous sleepless nights, blood, sweat, and tears. People have worked tirelessly. It’s been crazy. If this was something that had been done before, it would have been much easier to draw inspiration or learn from others but this is unprecedented, at least here in Nigeria. It’s just been us failing our way forward.” This dedication for what we do, is what has kept the fire burning and the brand going.

Thanks to our amazing team & sponsors — Power Horse and Jameson — our 10th anniversary party, which took place April 9th, was filled with overwhelming love and support from our community. It was amazing to be surrounded by those who have been a part of our journey celebrating the brand and it’s achievements.


We look forward to the next decade and beyond, as we set new standards, hit even higher goals, grow our community and expand our reach.

waf. Team

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Waf. /OD Glasses 

Waf. /OD Glasses 

waf. /Oscar Deen present the 'Shine Your Eye'  collection.
Hailing from Hackney and Camden London, Uk  respectively, founded by Oscar Phillips & Sheriff-Deen Showobi founded OD in 2014. OD prides themselves in deep research into the re-designing of classic European style frames and putting their own personal touch to the frame. Every frame is hand finished by Italian Mazzuchelli acetate which has been doing so since 1849. All the lenses are made from lightweight CR-39 plastic and coated for proper UV protection.This Dry season waf. worked on 3 frames olive, water and fire-for-fire.
The 'waf OD Glasses'  are available in three colorways, olive, water and fire-for-fire, fit for pretty much every vibe. While all the frames are made from Mazzuchelli acetate,  a top tier Italian manufacturing brand, our lenses are made from organic plastic that's both light weight and gives optical clarity.

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Home Movie Film Club: March Edition

Home Movie Film Club: March Edition

Join Us this Thursday, 24th February 🚨

Screening at 7pm Sharp: 

KID (1995) 

Directed by Larry Clark, the American coming-of-age film centers a day in the life of teenagers as they travel round New York on their skateboards, embarking on all sorts of racy and dodgy adventures.

🕰Drinks 6:30pm, Film starts 7pm sharp!!
🍿🍺 BYOB/Food
📍Waf.Store. Unit 5 Trocadero Square The Rock Drive, Lekki Behind Imax Cinema 
Lagos State. Nigeria.

March 2022 “Film club” Line Up:
- HUSTLE AND FLOW: 10th March, 2022
- FRUITVALE STATION: 24th March, 2022


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Five Panel Mesh Hats

Five Panel Mesh Hats

waf. mesh 5 panel hat, this hat has a white mesh on 4 panels of the hat while the front panel comes in pink, tan, chocolate and black with the waf. logo printed in the front.  The brim is black on top with indigo, green and blue.


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waf./Jimi Solanke



Renowned Nigerian artist, Jimi Solanke is an Actor, Dramatist, Folk singer, Poet and Playwright. Starting in 2007, Jimi has produced one of the largest collage collections in the country. He quickly found that if he could make thousands of these impactful collages, he had fulfilled some innovative disbursement to the world.


Born on July 4, 1942 in Lagos Island, He hails from Ipara-Remo, Ogun state, Nigeria. He moved to the united States, where he created a drama group called The Africa Review, focusing on African culture. Members of his group usually put on African clothing, specially Yoruba costume and performed in black African Schools.

From a period where he had a lot of spare time, it became quick and easy to churn out these simple yet provoking pieces. The innovative works arose from when he worked on television programmes for children and needed to come up with quick and easy arts and crafts pieces for 5-10 mins on the television. It wasn’t long before the economic, technical and logistical issues in Nigeria influenced his craft and this continues to remain evident in his most current collages.

Jimi Solanke's deep reverence for his cultural heritage comes through in his work. The story teller uses the colours and texts from daily newspapers, glue, card and pieces of paper to tell individual, simple and direct stories in each piece.

“Yoruba people are the most blessed cultural inheritants of Africa.” Jimi Solanke.

This dry season, Waf will release a collaboration featuring Jimi Solanke’s artworks as well as an exhibition on Friday the 5th of November, showcasing 100 of his selected collages. The artwork chosen for the t-shirt is of an original collage created in 2014 called ‘MASK FIVE’, in colourways black, white and safety orange, with words from “Bare ni joye” created in his 1986 album ‘Stories’

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waf.Skatepark Project

In partnership with Freedom Park, we are delighted to announce the development of WAF Skate Park, the first of its kind in Nigeria. We see this partnership as an excellent opportunity for cultural and cross-generational exchange that will actively provide opportunities for youth development, while purposefully increasing social cohesion within the city in the long run 


Born in 2012 out of a desire to nurture the budding skateboarding culture in Lagos, we consider this initiative the next step in strengthening our community of skateboarders and BMXers, as well as empowering local youth. Judging by the exciting increase in board sales, our community is growing and in need of a safe and dedicated space. The park, which will be of international standard, and designed and built by Studio Contra, wheretofromhere and Concrete Jungle Foundation, is set to be located on the portion of Freedom park that used to be prisoners’ bathing quarters.  


Freedom Park, formerly Her Majesty’s Broad Street in the 1880s, is a heritage site in Lagos with a rich colonial history. After its first construction, opponents of British colonialism attempted to destroy it multiple times in protest of the inhumane government. It was rebuilt and functioned as a prison until its demolition in 1979, decades after which its cultural heritage was claimed back through its conversion to an accessible park and creative centre in 2010. Now a vibrant hub for creativity and promotion of the Nigerian cultural heritage since its founding, Freedom Park is looking forward to sharing its space with a wider and more diverse demographic. Both our communities share the philosophy that all activities should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of socioeconomic background, and are keen to foster this accessibility through our partnership. 


WAF Park will have a series of diverse programmes consisting of workshops, competitions, skate and BMX camps, skateboarding lessons, film screenings, seminars, extreme sports exhibitions, art exhibitions, DIY projects and so much more. There will also be a Clubhouse Café serving refreshments; a shop that stocks our merch as well as products from our family and friends within our local and global community. We also look forward to hosting our friends from other African nations and the wider global community during festivals. The park will serve as a community centre that both unites skateboarders in Lagos, promotes our interests and drives sustainable development at a local level.


WAF Park is supported by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSN) & Concrete Jungle Foundation. We are open to partnerships with brands and people that are interested in seeing this through with us, so please get in touch with our management if you would love to be a part of our next chapter. WAF Park is in development and is expected to launch in April 2022. We hope you are as excited as we are!

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