Lagos Skatepark - Go Fund Me

We are looking to get a park built this year in Lagos. It will be the first in west Africa.

As the first and only skate shop in the region, we have been promoting and spreading skateboarding for the last 4 years.

We have been skating at the few available spots Lagos currently has to offer. The quarter pipe we built has been broken down and thrown away as part of the renovation of the basketball court we currently skate at.

We would like to raise £35,000 to build a concrete park with expert skate builders. Once we raise the funds we can put pressure on Lagos state to release the land for the build. This would be a huge achievement and would change the skate scene in Lagos permanently.

If we beat our target, we will use the funds to maintain the park and we would also love to buy decks and set ups to distribute to the local community and spread the love of skateboarding.

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Im really looking forward to the skatepark completion and I hope it’ll be done before the end of next year

Yanmife Arayela

Una still dey on top the skate park matter ?


Hi! I just want to find out the status on this skatepark project. Is it something that’s still under construction? Is it completed?

Chukwudumebi Onwuli

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