Crocodile Smile - Ble Ble Vol 2

Crocodile Smile - Ble Ble Vol 2

Crocodile Smile - Ble Ble Vol 2 from waf. is now playing on Vimeo.

A ten day skate tour leading up to the international go skate day brought skateboarders from all around Africa together in Lagos, Nigeria. A product of this skate trip was Crocodile Smile - Ble Ble Vol 2 named after a military program whose origins draw from military drills aimed to strengthen the pushback against social propaganda. The film follows Pieter Retief, Chenai Gwandure, Kyle Kheswa, Fahd Bello, Blessing Ewona, Godpower Pekipuma, Jomi Elias Bello and the Tarkwa community’s efforts to build a DIY skate park in Tarkwa Bay on the concrete grounds used to conduct ‘Crocodile Smile.’ 

All of the constructed and skated-over concrete obstacles used during the go skate event were hauled by boat to Tarkwa Bay following the activation of Go Skate Day. The island can only be reached by boat, which made the trip a little challenging when carrying large items. The film shows the arduous journey it took the skaters spearheaded by Peter Retief to haul these building materials including heavy steel to Tarkwa bay to construct the DIY skate park while showing off the skaters’ tricks as they tested out their construction. 

The film was shot and edited by Jonathan Pinkhard and produced by Where to From Here and waf. with design by Thomas Pepler and a glorious voice over by Godpower Pekipuma, a vital member of the Tarkwa Bay community. 


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