London Premiere: Crocodile Smile - Ble Ble vol. 2

London Premiere: Crocodile Smile - Ble Ble vol. 2

This Thursday, March 16, waf. is hosting a premiere and zine launch for their skate films: Crocodile Smile - Ble Ble Vol 2 and Magwinya & Zamalek in collaboration with DIJONSS by Bone Soda and Where To From Here

It will take place at DIJONSS by Bone SodaDray Walk, London E1 6QL, UK by 6PM.

A ten day skate tour leading up to the international go skate day brought skateboarders from all around Africa together in Lagos, Nigeria. A product of this skate trip was Crocodile Smile - Ble Ble Vol 2  named after a military program whose origins draw from military drills aimed to strengthen the pushback against social propaganda.

Magwinya & Zamalek chronicles the ten day skate tour across Lagos, Nigeria leading up to the Go Skate Day event featuring skaters from across Africa (Botswana, Ghana, Zimbabwe and South Africa). The film is fondly named after Magwinya (a local South African pastry) and Zamalek (a nickname for a popular beer brand in South Africa) which the waf. team discovered on one of their visits to South Africa.

To register for the event: click here

Love, waf.


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