SMOKING INDOORS - InnerSpace featuring StanleyGTK


Inner Space is the debut video from London based producer SMOKING INDOORS. The song features StanleyGTK, a member of the Hip Hop Collective, Creative Elevation.


The song is a candid account articulated by Stan of a visit to Amsterdam, and serves as an ode to the Spuistraat based smartshop. the North-West London rapper weaves his prose through The city’s infamous coffee shops and red light district with his love interest, never quite sure which is subject or backdrop and which is literal or metaphor.


SMOKING INDOORS delivers a cool but melancholic canvas for Stanleys’ narrative. The subtle blend of Hip Hop and Post-Dubstep infused with Whitney Houston samples creates an engaging experience that really creates the vibe for the song and informs the subject matter.


The video, by Dutch director Serrio portrays vivid elements of the story with Stan starring beside Florence van de Haar, an upcoming Dutch actress. Their volatile romance is captured alongside spectacular shots of the city, further illustrating the tension between our Innerspace and surrounding environment.


InnerSpace is the debut single off SMOKING INDOORS’ debut EP Anecdotes, scheduled to be released March 15, and will also feature tracks by underground UK artists such as Phlowz, Tau Benah and Dan Caplen.


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