waf. Ceramic Adogan Ashtray

waf. Ceramic Adogan Ashtray

Mama didn’t raise no quitter. The ceramic adogan ashtray references the local cast iron pots, referred to as ‘Ìkòkò irin’ in Yoruba, used to prepare Nigerian meals like smoky party jollof rice during various festivities. Àdògán, which the ashtray is named after, refers to the pot stand often made of recycled tyre. More technologically advanced cooking methods have been developed over the centuries, yet many native Nigerians still enjoy eating food prepared in traditional pots with claims that the smoky taste that emanates from the pots makes the food taste better.

Made with a hundred percent ceramic material, the ashtray was produced with the help of local ceramists who meticulously crafted the pot-like shape giving it the complete Nigerian feeling, production and design-wise.

waf. continues to pride itself in promoting and referencing Nigerian culture through design and lifestyle objects such as this.


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