waf. 4 Tees Drop

waf. 4 Tees Drop

waf. 4 Tees drop comes in 4 designs, Orisa, My Eyes, Eve and Assorted, Each available in different color ways.

With the waf. logo above an ode to our ancestors and a graphic of a branding iron all printed at the back and in front at the top left corner, My Eyes tees come in 5 color ways, Sand, Navy Blue, White, Black and Pacific Blue.

waf. Orisa tees were inspired by the highly revered Yoruba deities. With the logo in the top left corner of the front and at the back with picture of a statue of the Orisa, the tee comes in 6 color ways, Red, Purple, Military Green, Orange, Charcoal and Royal Blue.

Named after the first woman, waf. Eve tees have an image of her with a snake handing over a fruit, alongside our logo, printed both at the top left corner and the back of the tee. It’s available in Purple, Safety Green, Orange and Cotton Candy.

waf. Assorted tees come in Navy Blue, Forest Green, Red, Cream, Charcoal and Royal Blue. It makes reference to the assortment of cow parts including flesh and offal eaten by Nigerians. This is depicted with the logo above an outline of a cow with drawings of assorted meat within it.
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