It has now been over a week since the youth first took to the streets in protest against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). SARS was founded in 1992 to combat a crime epidemic and, initially, the unit seemed determined to reduce crime significantly. However, in recent years, they have been a menace to our society, targeting young people and using the tech boom as an excuse to unjustly brand young people as fraudsters and brutalize them in the process.

SARS has become responsible for a lot of unrecorded death, unwarranted detention, and extortion. But the youth have had enough. We have decided to protest, and to bring an end to this monstrous unit that is killing us every day.

Ten members of our creative community have joined forces to raise funds to #SustainTheProtest. They include: NM Bello Studio, Alara, Homecoming, The Lost Okoroshi, Seun Kuti, The Republic, Deborah Segun, Native, Dennis Osadebe, WAFFLESNCREAM.

To support the fight against police brutality, we have designed The DEFEND YOUTH TEE, featuring an illustration by Deborah Segun, and sold exclusively on & 100% of the proceeds from sales of the Tee will be donated to The Feminist Coalition, an organization fighting against injustice through peaceful protests, fundraising, and social media organization.

The youth have spoken up and our voices will be heard.


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