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Waf. Alara Exclusive Bucket Hats

Waf. Alara Exclusive Bucket Hats

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Așǫ Oke. Hand wash only. 

Așǫ Oke is a handwoven fabric made from cotton which consists of different coloured threads to produce unique patterned designs. It has been created by the Yoruba people of South-Western Nigerian since the 15th century in towns of Iseyin and Oyo. Since then, it has been widely been spread across the world.

Așǫ Oke also known as 'top cloth' in the English language is a symbol of high status used to make a variety of men's gowns called Agbada, mens hats called Fila, as well women's wrappers called Iro and women's head tie's known as Geles. To celebrate the authenticity of Așǫ Oke, WAF produced bucket hats made with Așǫ Oke fabric.

- 22” S/M, 24” L/XL, 26” XXL


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