waf./Jazzman Olofin

waf./Jazzman Olofin


Nigerian music maestro, Olumuyiwa Olofinkuade Olajide (popularly called Jazzman Olofin), is renowned for his diverse sounds and creativity. With hits like “Raise Da Roof” and ”Eko Ile”, he introduced a groundbreaking blend of Fuji and Hip Hop to the music scene.

Jazzman Olofin was born in Agege, Lagos on the 3rd of August 1972. He discovered music at a tender age, watching the choir at his church perform. Additionally, he grew up listening to music on the radio and credits his early interactions with local and international music for shaping his sound. This early exposure to diverse music laid the foundation for his impactful music career.

He started off his career with the music group “X Appeal” and branched out as a solo artiste in 2004. That year, the smash hit “Raise Da Roof” featuring Adewale Ayuba shot his solo career into the limelight. He echoes the vibrant streets and diverse cultures of Nigeria through his genre bending music.

“The funk went ahead of me. When I had no music videos people were curious about my sound.” - Jazzman Olofin.

To celebrate Jazzman Olofin’s legacy and cultural impact, waf. will be releasing a line of Tees available online and in store as well as a documentary highlighting his journey and career.

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