Go Skate Day Lagos 2023 🌍‼️🍺
This year, we celebrate our 7th annual Go Skate Day on June 24th at Trocadero Square in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, and we'd love for you to join us. The itinerary for the festival will include demo presentations, skate jams, raffle draws, pop-ups and much more.

Vibes will take place at Freedom Park, Off Broadstreet, old prison ground 1, Hospital Road, Lagos. With artiste performances by Olootu and Loti and DJ performances by AIO James, Cam and Daekay 47.

GO SKATE DAY (GSD) is an official annual holiday for skateboarders held on the 21st of June every year created by the international Association of Skate Companies to promote skateboarding. It aims to make skateboarding accessible through various events in major cities around the world. As the leading skateboarding brand in West Africa, Go Skate day is very significant to us as it creates a connection between skaters and non skaters alike, and spreads awareness of skateboarding and other extreme sports to people around Nigeria and Africa.

This year on the 24th of June, we’re celebrating the 7th edition of our Go Skate Day festival at Trocadero Square in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. In line with previous editions of the festival, we invited other African Skaters from cities where skateboarding is emerging like Zambia, Botswana, Ghana and South Africa, and this year, in our Road to Go Skate Day Line Challenge the winner emerged from Ethiopia. As we are once again joined by our family and friends from around the world, the festival day will include skate demonstrations, a skate jam, pop-ups, raffle draws, cash for tricks etc.


Meet the skaters from different parts of Africa competing in our Go Skate Festival‼️🛹🌍


The highlight of this year's Go Skate festival was the DIY car obstacle courtesy of Power Horse Nigeria. The skaters and BMXers performed tricks over this obstacles for cash.


Go Skate 2023 Afterparty 🍻


Photos by: Daniel Chado

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