Contrary to common belief, the name Quacktails was not chosen because of the loud noise that ducks are known to make; rather, it was picked because the word "quack" refers to someone who lacks the requisite credentials. A quacktail, as the name suggests, is a cocktail created by a "quack". 

Two siblings were responsible for the creation of Quacktails. Both Dare, a banker, and his sister Mosun, a lawyer, enjoyed mixing drinks and creating cocktails for friends who came to visit. Before they realized it, more people were coming to them merely to receive a cocktail made by quacks. The cocktail company we all know and love, QUACKTAILS, was created as a result of this interest.


Quacktails is regarded as more of a kitchen than a bar and only recently opened officially in 2019. This is because 80% of the components necessary to manufacture quacktails can be acquired locally in Nigeria. In a same vein, waf. began as a hobby before developing into a skate scene that, via design and experience, promotes African culture on a worldwide level.

In order to capture the nostalgic nature of both businesses, Waf. will release a line of items based on this story that includes t-shirts, dad hats, a booklet with drink recipes you can test out, as well as a few coloring sheets.


The similar beginnings and ethoses behind waf. and Quacktails fuelled their inevitable collaboration. The connection between both brands was not lost on the community as they gathered in herds to come and experience the Quack kitchen in an exclusive waf.- Quacktails celebration. What one would have thought to be a disparate gathering of the waf. and Quacktails  communities, respectively, turned out to be a beautiful, inclusive blend of personalities driven by the love of both brands. 


The Waf. X Quacktails event took place on Friday 3rd, February and it was a huge success. The unwavering support we get from the community continues to overwhelm and surprise us each time.


We’re eternally grateful for the support we continue to garner on our journey and various collaborations.

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