waf. Pith Africa

waf. Pith Africa

A groundbreaking collaboration between WAF., the leading skateboard and lifestyle brand in West Africa, and PITH, a sustainable fashion house from Lagos, Nigeria highlights the true essence of Nigerian youthfulness. Making due with available resources to achieve objectives that have allowed both establishments thrive over the years, this partnership mirrors similar production ethos and the spirit of community, carefully embedded in creating a timeless and functional capsule made up of a Two-Piece (shirts & shorts) and T-shirts with a denim insert


“We believe this collaboration will open new paradigms for African fashion, especially for young people, and show the amazing things we can create when more of us keep coming together to bridge the gaps that exist.” 

Due to the importance of freedom and the sense of originality that comes from expressing oneself without restraint, both brands—PITH as a fashion brand and WAF as a lifestyle brand—have been able to foster inclusive communities over time. We want to highlight innovation and the capacity of our generation of Africans to dream by bringing together the worlds of skateboarding, extreme sports, culture and fashion through this cooperative endeavour.

There will be a pre-release pop-up at the Waf. store in Freedom Park on Saturday the 29th of July. WAF. x PITH will officially launch on the 2nd of August via our online store and in-person at the Waf. store in Lekki.

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